December 20, 2023

We're pleased to announce that Talum will be participating in Euroguss 2024, the International Trade Fair for Die Casting, from January 16th to 18th at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. This event will showcase our latest aluminium casting products and advancements in automation and robotisation. Our participation aligns with our commitment to sustainability, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030. Euroguss 2024 is a key event for industry professionals, offering a platform to share knowledge and explore business opportunities in die casting technology.

Mark your calendars and visit us in Hall 8 at Booth 220.



June 27, 2022

Group Talum is exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe 2022, which will be held from 28 June do 30 June 2022 in Messe Stuttgart. Please join us in Booth no. 10-H37.


27. Mai 2022

Besuchen Sie uns auf der Euroguss 2022, der internationalen Fachmesse für Druckguss in Nürnberg, Deutschland, die vom 8. bis 10. Juni stattfindet. Talum befindet sich in Halle 8 am Stand 8-820. stand 8-820.

TALUM Group: With care and responsibility against covid-19

27 October 2020

Dear business partner,

In the Talum Group, we successfully took care of the health of our employees to ensure a smooth production process in the spring months of this year, when we faced the challenges of the coronavirus. With the epidemic declared in Slovenia again on 17 October, we are again facing a similar challenge as in the spring. In our consistent self-protective handling to prevent the spread of the virus, we have not given up in all months since March, so we are confident that we will continue to successfully maintain the health of our employees, which is a condition for continuous production process and timely shipments to customers.

The measures we implement in Talum to ensure the safe and stable operation of the company are as follows:

  • We consistently implement all self-protection measures and related rules of conduct (correct use of masks everywhere in the industrial zone, high level of hand hygiene, cough hygiene, safety distance, measuring the temperature at the entrance to the industrial zone).
  • We have established a strict safety mode of operation by ensuring a continuous production process and safety rotation of employees; where the process allows, employees work from home.
  • We increased the level of disinfection and cleaning of the premises.
  • We limited the number of seats in the dining room, introduced strict adherence to lunch schedules to further limit the number of people in a room and introduced disinfection immediately before taking food. We warn of the appropriate safety distance between employees with floor markings, and we have placed protective barriers on the tables.
  • All meetings take place by videoconference, urgent internal training with the permitted number of persons and taking into account the required safety distance.
  • All visits to and from the factory are prohibited (exceptions which require ensuring a smooth production process are confirmed by the company's management board).
  • Through regular discussions with suppliers and careful management of raw material stocks, we ensure a smooth production process and thus a smooth supply of products and services to our customers.

Together we will be successful in the fight against the covid-19 virus! At Talum, we are determined to continue to ensure a continuous production process with our experience and measures in the future as well, and thus also to fulfil our obligations towards you. We will keep you informed of any new facts or other changes through our employees, with whom you are otherwise in contact.

Thank you for trusting us. Stay healthy!

Marko Drobnič, The President of the Management Board

TALUM Group: With care and responsibility against covid-19 



17 March 2020

Talum is one of the companies that are crucial to the functioning of the country, therefore our activity must be organised in a way so that it runs smoothly. In doing so, health and safety of the employees is key priority! In this endeavour, we follow the recommendations of competent state institutions for labour organisation to help reduce the rate of spread of coronavirus. We have established a handling protocol in case of a potentially recorded suspected coronavirus in the industrial zone.

Actions to reduce the spread of coronavirus are supplemented on a daily basis at all levels of business operations, in order to reduce the negative impact on our business operations and the business operations of our business partners. We will continue to intensify those actions in accordance with the guidelines and instructions of the competent state institutions in the future as well.

In the Talum Group, we are convinced that we will be able to cope with the demanding situation with responsibility to ourselves and to others and unconditional compliance with the at all levels! We would like to thank everyone for the understanding and participating in this exceptional situation.


Euroguss 2018

11. Januar 2018

Besuchen Sie uns auf der internationalen Fachmesse für Druckguss Euroguss 2018 in Nürnberg, die vom 16. bis 18. Januar stattfindet. Talum befindet sich in Halle 7A, Stand 7A-513.



14. November 2016

In diesem Jahr feiert Talum sein 62. Firmenjubiläum, das auch den 20. Jahrestag des Abrisses des alten Fabrikschornsteins markiert. Die dreitägige Veranstaltung beginnt am Donnerstag, den 17. November, um 10.00 Uhr, wenn die Begegnung mit den Mitarbeitern im Ruhestand im großen Saal des Restaurants Pan stattfinden wird.

Am Freitag, den 18. November, um 13.00 Uhr, findet eine gemeinsame feierliche Sitzung statt. Der Vorstand von Talum, die Geschäftsführer der Tochtergesellschaften und Geschäftseinheiten, die Leiter der Dienststellen, die Mitglieder des Betriebsrats, die Mitglieder des Mitarbeiterrates und der Gewerkschaftskonferenz Kidričevo werden an dieser Veranstaltung teilnehmen.

In der Empfangshalle des Verwaltungsgebäudes werden Sie die Möglichkeit haben, die Ausstellung von Kunstwerken des Künstlers Dušan Fišer zu sehen. Im großen Saal des Restaurants Pan beginnt das Treffen der Mitarbeiter der Gruppe Talum um 15:30 Uhr. Das Treffen wird mit der feierlichen Verleihung der höchsten Auszeichnungen an Mitarbeiter für ihre Leistungen beginnen -  Zlati Metulj (Goldener Schmetterling).

Am Samstag, dem 19. November werden wir unser Firmenjubiläum mit dem traditionellen Tag der offenen Tür abschließen. Für alle, die die Produktion in unseren Hallen und ihre Vielfalt sehen möchten, werden wir die Fabrik öffnen, die eigentlich eine kleine Stadt darstellt. Vor den Führungen werden wir uns um 9 Uhr vor dem Verwaltungsgebäude versammeln. Die Führungen beginnen nach der einleitenden Rede des Vorstandsvorsitzenden, Herr Marko Drobnič.