Talum has established an effective occupational health and safety system that involves employees from all areas of work, a system that minimises the impact of our activities on employees and other interested parties. We consider occupational safety and health as part of our social responsibility and sustainable development, which commits us to improving our working environment continuously, adapting to technical progress and taking care of the safety and health of our employees. The tool we use for this purpose is the ISO 45001 Standard, which is incorporated into an integrated management system based on the synergy of quality, environmental management and occupational health and safety. 

We have been maintaining compliance with the requirements of the Standard successfully since 2001 through the award of the ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001) certification. 

Changes in work and the workplace are leading to new risks and hazards, as well as changes in employee-employer relations, workforce demographics and patterns and types of work. As a result, health and safety activities focus on: 

• Occupational health and safety planning, taking into account legal and other requirements, risk assessment and risk reduction programmes; 

• Reducing the severity and frequency of accidents at work; 

• Training of employees in all areas of work; 

• Ergonomic workplace design, control of work equipment and chemicals and periodic work environment surveys; 

• Appropriate personal protective equipment and its correct and purposeful use; 

• Emergency management and fire safety by monitoring unexpected events.