TALUM is respect and trust openness and cooperation creativity and ambition care and responsibility knowledge and excellence persistence and enthusiasm .

Talum, as a contemporary production company, belongs to a narrow range of the most efficient producers of primary aluminium and aluminium alloys in the world.

More than 65 years of hard work in Kidričevo nowadays reflects enviable facts: we rank among the top 10 exporters in Slovenia, produce more than 110.000 tons of commodity production of aluminium product per year and we are proud that we have hired 10.000 employees since the beginning of the production.

Our highest competitive advantage lies in the products of the highest quality, and in the knowledge, creativity and ambitions of our employees.

Innovative technologies

We belong to a narrow range of the most efficient producers of primary aluminium and aluminium alloys; we rank among them with the latest technologies and continuous investments in development.

Years of experience

The group Talum prides oneself with more than 65-years tradition of success, continuous development and top-notch results.


We realise our joint goals with persistance, courage and enthusiasm.

Social responsibility

We ensure the highest level of safety and health at work, and we take care that the employees in our company feel motivated; we mutually cohabit with a local environment in which we operate.

Environmental responsibility

We treat sources, energy, general community and environment with responsibility and in favour of a better tomorrow.

Metal of the future

Our challenge is the aluminium, which is considered as appreciated and durable material. Although aluminium has been produced for just over 100 years, there is no area existing anymore where it would not be used. Due to its remarkable characteristics, its extent of use is still increasing.