Closed distributive system of electric energy

TALUM d.d. Kidričevo acquired status of the closed distributive system in the closed industrial area of Talum (CDS Talum) in accordance with stipulations of the Energy Law (the Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 17/14, in continuation EL-1) and on the basis of the Order of the Agency for Energy ensures the distribution of electric energy to the final consumers.

Activities of the CDS Talum:

  • Management, conduct and operation of distributive network
  • Ensuring consumers the access to the network
  • Ensuring maintenance and development of the network
  • Coordinated operation of the distributive network with connected networks
  • Performing systemic prevention of the distributive network
  • Planning HV and LV networks and electrical energy installations
  • Performing LV electrical energy installations
  • Automation of industrial processes
  • Remote control and management of industrial processes

Price list

A unified invoice for the consumed electric energy consists of:

  • Price of the electric energy
  • Network access (for transfer and distribution)
  • Contributions
  • A contribution for ensuring the support of the electric energy production in co-production with
    high efficiency and with renewable energy sources
  • A contribution for energy efficiency
  • A contribution for a market operator’s activity
  • Excise for the electric energy
  • Value added tax

More detailed explanation of the unified invoice can be found on the website of
the Agency for energy: HERE

Information on primary sources for electricity production.

HOT LINE for the network breakdown

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