A Roll-Bond evaporator is a heat exchanger, which is mainly used in refrigerators and freezers. Its primary function is to remove the heat from the air inside of the fridge or the freezer. Roll-Bond evaporators provide the best results (among competing technologies) in term of energy consumption of the refrigerators. They are mainly used for appliances with the highest energy efficiency classes A++ and A +++ and better.

Roll-Bond evaporator panel is made of two welded aluminium plates, between which a channel system is formed. On the places where we would like to have channels formed, we print on one aluminium plate (inner surface) a picture of channels with a special paste, which prevents bonding of aluminium plates when they are rolled together. After rolling, the channels between the two aluminium plates are inflated by a special inflation process. Evaporator plates are then prepared for further operations.

Talum Izparilniki produces two types of evaporator panels:

We are a development supplier of evaporator plates and evaporators to:

  • BSH,
  • Liebherr,
  • Gorenje.

Our offer includes:

  • development of the Roll-Bond evaporator (channel design, 3D models, simulations);
  • manufacturing of DSI, OSF or OSEF evaporator plates;
  • manufacture of a heat channel,
  • organisation of final assembly of evaporators, painting and shipping to the final customer.

Production process

The production process of Roll-Bond evaporator panels consists of several operations:

  • casting of the wide strip;
  • rolling of the wide strip into the band for evaporators;
  • roll-bonding on the Expandal line;
  • recrystallization annealing in the chamber furnace;
  • inflation of imprinted channels;
  • final dimension cut with mechanical scissors to customer request
    or stamping with stamping tools on eccentric presses and packaging;
  • final assembly of the evaporators according to the needs of customers.


Roll-Bond heat exchangers are used as:

  • heat exchangers for the installation in PVT (hybrid photovoltaic) panels;
  • absorbers for vacuum and flat solar receivers of solar power;
  • condensers of heat pumps;
  • cooling plates for battery cooling.

Given the various possible transmission media in heat exchangers, we developed an appropriate paste for printing the channel systems on the aluminium plates, which are suitable for using a mixture of glycol - water in order to avoid possible electrochemical and corrosion processes.

Our goal is to help our partners to:

  • recognise the advantages of our technology and to understand all the benefits that our technology can bring them,
  • help them to develop the best product for their applications,
  • help them by implementing the technology into their production,
  • support them during and after the project.

We are a development supplier to the following partners in the non-refrigeration industry:

  • Auer,
  • Energy,
  • Ensol,
  • Viessmann.

More of the technical information about the technology can be found in the sales specification (PDF).


The STORAL programme is a part of the company TALUM IZPARILNIKI d.o.o.(Talum Evaporators). Under this programme, we manufacture transport packaging for our own needs and for customers: wooden pallets, boxes, covers and various wooden and metal products by order.

More can be found on the website of the STORAL programme: http://www.storal.talum.si