Our co-workers and their knowledge represent our highest value, a competitive advantage and a condition for further development of the company. In more than 60 years of our existence, there were more than 10.000 employees involved in the working process and they set good foundation upon which we proudly build our future.

We believe that only together we can manage everything, therefore any contribution of each individual co-worker is priceless.

An open dialogue and communication with co-workers, respect for diversity and involvement of each individual employee in achieving results, are basis for a successful journey we have taken and where everybody, who wants to become a part of the Talum’s team, is invited and welcome.

We, the Talum’s people, are involved in continuous education and training, which enable not only working but also broader personal development of our co-workers, and increase their flexibility.

Education and training are a part of an organised process and an important part of the company’s strategy and in the year 2014, we confirmed that by receiving the certificate Learning Brand (the certificate A Learning Organisation).