June 27, 2022

Group Talum is exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe 2022, which will be held from 28 June do 30 June 2022 in Messe Stuttgart. Please join us in Booth no. 10-H37.


May 27, 2022

Visit us at Euroguss 2022 international trade fair for die casting in Nürnberg, Germany, which will be held from 8 to 10 June. Talum is located in Hall 8 at stand 8-820.


November 12, 2021

Group Talum is exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe 2021, which will be held from 30 November to 2 December 2021 in Stuttgart. We are looking forward to meet you at our booth no. 6-446. 

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September 13, 2021

You are kindly invited to visit us from 15 to 19 September 2021 at the 53rd MOS fair in Celje. The foreground of our presentation will be the advantages and opportunities of the material we work with in our factory - aluminium. Aluminium has been identified by the European Commission as one of the key materials for achieving carbon neutrality. At the fair, we will present our aluminium products, which reduce the carbon footprint in the transport, packaging, construction and electrical industry. You are invited to the fair hall L1, exhibition area no. 2.

TALUM Group: With care and responsibility against covid-19

27 October 2020

Dear business partner,

In the Talum Group, we successfully took care of the health of our employees to ensure a smooth production process in the spring months of this year, when we faced the challenges of the coronavirus. With the epidemic declared in Slovenia again on 17 October, we are again facing a similar challenge as in the spring. In our consistent self-protective handling to prevent the spread of the virus, we have not given up in all months since March, so we are confident that we will continue to successfully maintain the health of our employees, which is a condition for continuous production process and timely shipments to customers.

The measures we implement in Talum to ensure the safe and stable operation of the company are as follows:

  • We consistently implement all self-protection measures and related rules of conduct (correct use of masks everywhere in the industrial zone, high level of hand hygiene, cough hygiene, safety distance, measuring the temperature at the entrance to the industrial zone).
  • We have established a strict safety mode of operation by ensuring a continuous production process and safety rotation of employees; where the process allows, employees work from home.
  • We increased the level of disinfection and cleaning of the premises.
  • We limited the number of seats in the dining room, introduced strict adherence to lunch schedules to further limit the number of people in a room and introduced disinfection immediately before taking food. We warn of the appropriate safety distance between employees with floor markings, and we have placed protective barriers on the tables.
  • All meetings take place by videoconference, urgent internal training with the permitted number of persons and taking into account the required safety distance.
  • All visits to and from the factory are prohibited (exceptions which require ensuring a smooth production process are confirmed by the company's management board).
  • Through regular discussions with suppliers and careful management of raw material stocks, we ensure a smooth production process and thus a smooth supply of products and services to our customers.

Together we will be successful in the fight against the covid-19 virus! At Talum, we are determined to continue to ensure a continuous production process with our experience and measures in the future as well, and thus also to fulfil our obligations towards you. We will keep you informed of any new facts or other changes through our employees, with whom you are otherwise in contact.

Thank you for trusting us. Stay healthy!

Marko Drobnič, The President of the Management Board

TALUM Group: With care and responsibility against covid-19 



17 March 2020

Talum is one of the companies that are crucial to the functioning of the country, therefore our activity must be organised in a way so that it runs smoothly. In doing so, health and safety of the employees is key priority! In this endeavour, we follow the recommendations of competent state institutions for labour organisation to help reduce the rate of spread of coronavirus. We have established a handling protocol in case of a potentially recorded suspected coronavirus in the industrial zone.

Actions to reduce the spread of coronavirus are supplemented on a daily basis at all levels of business operations, in order to reduce the negative impact on our business operations and the business operations of our business partners. We will continue to intensify those actions in accordance with the guidelines and instructions of the competent state institutions in the future as well.

In the Talum Group, we are convinced that we will be able to cope with the demanding situation with responsibility to ourselves and to others and unconditional compliance with the at all levels! We would like to thank everyone for the understanding and participating in this exceptional situation.



January 14, 2020

Group Talum is exhibiting at EUROGUSS – Europe's largest trade fair for die casting. We are looking forward to meet you in Hall 8, exhibition booth 8-520.


June 25, 2019

Group Talum is exhibiting at GIFA - world's leading trade fair for casting technology. We are looking forward to meet you in Hall 13, exhibition booth C35.


April 23, 2019

A wide range of our aluminium heat exchangers today manufactured with the roll-bond technology , will now be recognized under the new brand HEATRAPLATES which we have registered recently. We will present the new HEATRAPLATES brand on the upcoming fair The Battery Show Europe taking place on May 7-9 in Stuttgart. We are looking forward to meet you at our booth no. 766.

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9th of October 2018

Group Talum is exhibiting at Aluminium trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany from 9th to 11th October. It si one of the world's leading aluminium industriy trade fairs that covers entire chain from raw materials to semi-finished and finished aluminium products. Focus topics of Aluminium 2018 are e-mobility, sustainability, digital manufacturing and lightweight tehnologies. Trade fair takes place in six halls, that cover an area of 80,000 square maters, hosts more than thousand exhibitors from all over the world and is expected to attract more than 27.500 visitors. Visit us at Aluminium 2018 and get to know Talum as a Producer of foundry alloys, billets, slugs and discs, castings and roll bond heat exchangers and as a provder of service and engineering solutions. Visit us in hall 10 at booth 10E113!


18th of May 2018

The Battery Show 2018 in Hanover has ended. In Talum's subsidiary Talum Izparilniki d.o.o. they are satisfied with the attendance at their booth as they have established many promising business contacts. They are ready for new projects with existing and new business partners, thanking everyone that visited them at the fair and showed interest in their products and innovative solutions.


19th March 2018

We are pleased to invite all our valuable partners to the The Battery Show 2018, co-located with Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, which is Europe’s largest trade fair for advanced battery and H/EV technology.
Taking place from 15 - 17 May 2018, in Hannover, Germany, it will host more than 300 manufacturers and service providers from across the supply chain, who will display thousands of design, production and manufacturing solutions, including battery systems, materials, components, testing and recycling, for industries including automotive, utilities, renewable energy, grid, power tools and electronics. Find out more here.
At the booth B470,we will present our efficient cooling solutions for EV battery packs with a Roll-Bond heat transfer plate. We will be pleased to explain you all the details.
For free pass to the exhibition and for the organization of the meeting with us at our stand, please contact us at: .
Running parallel to the exhibition, the three-track conference delves into the most prominent industry talking points – from the next frontier in vehicle electrification to optimising battery efficiency and performance through energy recovery and electric turbocharging.
We very much look forward to seeing you this May in Hannover! 

Klikni za urejanje
Euroguss 2018

11. January 2018

Visit us at Euroguss 2018 international trade fair for die casting in Nuremberg, Germany, which will be held from 16 to 18 January. Talum is located in Hall 7A at stand 7A-513.


Klikni za urejanje
AP 18 Club meeting

9. June 2017

TALUM d.d., business unit Aluminium, organized and hosted the 13th AP18 Club meeting between 6th and 9th June. Members of the club are aluminium smelters from all around the world that use the AP 18 technology for production of primary aluminium, developed by Aluminium Pechiney. Representatives of various companies from Australia, Canada, France, Norway, Scotland, Argentina and India presented latest findings in their professional field and shared experiences during the conference which took place in hotel Primus in Ptuj. Our guests also took tour of production of aluminium, castings, slugs and discs and foundry alloys and visited Talum Inštitut d.o.o. They also had opportunites for sightseeing the Podravje region of Slovenia in the afternoons.


14. November 2016

This year Talum celebrates its 62nd Factory Celebration that, among everything else, marks also the 20th anniversary of the fall of the clapped-out factory chimney. The three-day event will begin on Thursday, the 17th November, at 10 o’clock a.m., when we organise the meeting with the retired co-workers in a big hall of a restaurant Pan.

On Friday, the 18th November, at 1 o’clock p.m., a joint ceremonial session will take place. The Talum’s Management Board, the directors of subsidiary companies and business units, heads of the services, members of the Works Council, members of the Employees Council and members of the Syndicate Conference Kidričevo, will attend this event.

In a lobby of the administrative building, you will have an opportunity to see an exhibition of fine art works of an artist Dušan Fišer. In the big hall of the restaurant Pan, socialising of the employees of the group Talum will begin at 3.30 p.m. The socialising will be introduced by the ceremony of the highest awards given to the employees for their achievements – Zlati metulj (Golden Butterfly).

On Saturday, the 19th November, we will conclude our Factory Celebration with a traditional doors open day. To everyone, who wants to see the production in our halls and to meet all its variety, we open the factory, which actually represents a small town. Before the tours, we will gather at 9 o’clock in front of the administrative building. The guided tours will begin after a chairperson of the board Mr. Marko Drobnič gives an introductory speech.


7. October 2016

Yesterday at 7 o’clock p.m., the first ceremony of giving a title The Best Company of the year of the Podravje Region took place in Narodni dom in Maribor. It was organised by The Styrian Chamber of Commerce and a newspaper Večer. A ceremonial guest of honour was dr. Miro Cerar, Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia. The premier praised economy progress of the recent years in the Podravje Region and appealed successful companies to be the role models for others. Neisha, a Slovene singer, spiced up the event with her music inserts.

A member of the management board of Talum d.d., Mr. Daniel Lačen, attended the event in the name of Talum. According to a selection of the expert commission, the group Talum was ranked on the third place in a category The Best Company of the Podravje Region. Such a high placement is a praising achievement since the competition in the category of big companies was very fierce. We understand it as recognition that we can keep up with the best and as stimulation to be even better.


4. September 2016

Systematic motivation for innovations is one of the key strategic directions of the group Talum on which we build our future. Mr. Marko Drobnič, a chairperson of the board managemen tof Talum has written, “If we just follow the others and copy them, we can achieve merely a level of the original. We can become really the best only by introducing our own, innovative solutions.”

Work in this field – from developing an idea to planning its realisation – runs constantly, and once per year we present our endeavours to others. On Wednesday, 21st September 2016, in a big hall of the restaurant Pan, already the fifth traditional Day of Innovation took place. At this event, we presented and awarded achievements in the field of innovation of the previous year. We awarded three innovators from the field of massive innovative activity of employees, 46 of them for a professional innovative activity and five within a contest I Dare, which this time ran under a slogan Efficient at the working place.

Better ideas break in situations when different aspects and ways of thinking are interlaced. Therefore, as it is already our habit, we invited an interesting guest to this event. This year our interlocutor was dr. Jožica Rejec, a chairperson of the managemen tboard of the company Domel. A top-notch saxophone player Oto Vrhovnik diversified the Day of Innovation with his music inserts.


4. August 2016

Kidričevo, 4th August 2016

At today’s regular meeting of the assembly of the company TALUM Tovarna aluminija d.d. Kidričevo, shareholders, after being introduced with the Yearly and Consolidated yearly report of the company for the year 2015, gave discharge to the Board of Trustees and the Management Board of the company, and thus confirmed the work of the Board of Trustees and the Management Board of the company for the previous business year.

The shareholders appointed an audit firm DELOITTE REVIZIJA d.o.o. from Ljubljana as the auditor for accounting reports of the current business year.

Three shareholders, holders of 94,63% of total capital of the company, attended the today’s meeting of the assembly.

The Management Board of the company Talum d.d.


30. June 2016

We are announcing the agenda amendment of the assembly proposed by the shareholder Eles, d.o.o.:

The agenda amendment


22 . June 2016TALUM d. d. Kidričevo
K i d r i č e v o
Kidričevo, 22nd June 2016


On the basis of the Article 295 of the Companies Act, and in accordance with the Article 39 of the Statute of TALUM d.d. Kidričevo, Tovarniška cesta 10, Kidričevo, The Management Board

c a l l s
the assembly meeting of TALUM d.d. Kidričevo
on a day 4th August 2016, beginning at 12 o’clock at the registered seat of the company in Kidričevo, Tovarniška cesta 10,

with the following proposed agenda of the meeting:

Opening the assembly and realising quorum.
Election of the assembly bodies and confirming the agenda of the meeting.
An agreement proposal:
»The following are elected:
- Ivan MALEŠIČ as a chairperson of the assembly,
- Slavko Škerget and Ivan Ogrinc as counters of votes.

A public notary Andrej Šoemen from Ptuj confirms the record of the assembly meeting. The announced agenda of the assembly meeting is confirmed.«

Introducing the assembly with the Yearly report and Consolidated yearly report of the company for the year 2015 and with the Report of the Board of the Trustees of the company according to the Article 282 of the Companies Act.

An agreement proposal:
“The assembly is introduced with the confirmed Yearly report and Consolidated yearly report of the company for the year 2015 and with the Report of the Board of the Trustees of the company according to the Article 282 of the Companies Act.”
An agreement proposal:
“The assembly gives discharge to the Management Board and the Board of Trustees of the company, and thus confirms and approves the work of the Management Board and the Board of Trustees for the business year 2015.”

Appointing an auditor
An agreement proposal:
»An audit firm DELOITTE REVIZIJA d.o.o., Dunajska cesta 165, 1000 Ljubljana is appointed as the auditor for accounting reports of TALUM d.d. Kidričevo and its subsidiary companies for the business year 2016.«
Only those shareholders (only these may vote) may attend the meeting assembly, who are on the cut-off date, i.e. 31st July 2016, registered as shareholders in a share register of the company, which is run at the central register of dematerialised security (KDD d.d. Ljubljana); and those shareholders who confirmed their attendance at the assembly meeting in a written form by the end of the stated day the latest.

The assembly is quorum and decisions shall be valid, if there is 15% of the capital represented at the assembly meeting. If the assembly is not quorum at the predicted time, it shall be waited for 1/4 of the hour after the firstly defined time. After this time the assembly is quorum regardless the height of the represented capital.

The shareholder(s) may, within 7 days after the call has been announced, require the amendment of the proposed agenda in accordance with the first paragraph of the Article 298 and /or the announcement of the opposite proposal, which is given in accordance with the first paragraph of the Article 300 of the Companies Act.

All reports and proposals regarding the agenda of the meeting are, from the day of the announcement of the assembly call until the day of the assembly meeting, accessible for the shareholders and available for the insight at the registered seat of the company in Kidričevo, Tovarniška cesta 10, each working day from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The company will pass the reports, proposals and corresponding explanations to the shareholders within 3 days from the day of receiving the shareholder’s requirement for passing them.

In accordance with the Article 305 of the Companies Act, the shareholders at the assembly meeting may require from the Management Board of the company the data, which is needed for estimation of individual items of the agenda.


TALUM d.d. Kidričevo
The Management Board


23. February 2016

The Management Board of the company TALUM Tovarna aluminija d.d. Kidričevo, Tovarniška cesta 10, Kidričevo, is announcing an entry of increase in share capital based on the Article 341 of the Companies Act.

The District Court in Ptuj entered the amendment of the share capital at TALUM Tovarna aluminija d.d. Kidričevo, reg. No. 5040868000.
The amount of the share capital up to this point: 22.002.696,42 EUR.
A new amount of the share capital: 22.356.587,64 EUR.
A number of shares: 5.361.292 shares.

Data on height of issue amount, data on increase in share capital with proper input and an auditor report on the proper input are evident from documents submitted to a register body, when the agreement on increase in share capital is entered.

In Kidričevo, 23rd February 2016



TALUM Tovarna aluminija d.d.





The Management Board