Closed natural gas distribution system

According to provisions of the Energy Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 17/14, hereinafter EZ-1) and on the basis of the decision by the Energy Agency, Talum d.d. Kidričevo acquired the status of a closed distribution system in the rounded industrial area of Talum (ZDS Talum). The Service and Engineering business and engineering is responsible for the operation of ZDS Talum and ensures the distribution of natural gas to end customers according to System operating instructions for closed natural gas distribution system for geographical area of the industrial zone TALUM (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 167/21).

ZDS Talum activities:

  • management and operation of the distribution network,
  • providing users access to the network, 
  • ensuring the maintenance and development of the network,
  • coordinated operation of the distribution network with interconnected networks,
  • automation of industrial processes, 
  • remote control and management of industrial processes.

Price list

The single invoice for consumed natural gas consists of:

  • the natural gas price
  • network charges (for transmission and distribution),
  •  the contribution for the provision of support for the production of electricity in high-efficiency cogeneration and from renewable energy sources (CHP and RES),
  • the energy efficiency contribution (EEC)
  • environmental taxes,
  • excise duties on natural gas and
  • the value added tax.


A more detailed explanation of the single invoice can be found on the website of the Energy Agency:HERE


HOTLINE NUMBER for network failures and information for natural gas billing

Head of OE Energetika: +386 (0) 2 7995 815