• Beside compulsory qualifications, there proceed regular different professional trainings where the employees:
    • acquire new knowledge,
    • upgrade already acquired knowledge connected with work which they perform,
    • broaden their working and personal development.

    We also emphasise the trainings in regard with the fields of quality, safety and health at work, and the trainings connected with environmental treatment. The company’s activity requires occupational profiles of employees, who are hard to be gained on the labour market. Therefore, we improve the education structure of the employees also with different internal additional qualifications and retraining.



We want to enable our employees in their active working period to save the financial means for the time when they retire. Together with a few bigger Slovenian companies, we have established a Pension security company A, where we monthly transfer the means for the supplementary pension insurance of the employees.



  • Food
    A company VITAL d.o.o. provides the food for the employees. This company was formed from a former social plant of meals, which we simply used to call a factory canteen.

  • Holidaying
    Talum provides for its employees also the holidaying in vacation facilities, which are located in:

    • Nerezine on an island Lošinj in Croatia (four vacation houses),
    • Červar near Poreč in Croatia (four flats),
    • Trije kralji on Pohorje in Slovenia.

    The houses and the flats are rented to the employees within one-week intervals, from May until the end of September. Our pensioners, who usually spend the vacation time off-season, can also use the vacation facilities.