• The syndicate
    A majority of the employees affiliate the syndicate SKEI (Syndicate of Metal and Electric Industry), which also takes care of those, who are not its members. It organises mainly sports and cultural activities, which are also partly financially supported by it.
    The syndicate organises different sports gatherings and competitions (tennis, bowling, skiing and similar), which are attended by many of our co-workers. A commission for culture prepares trips, which are especially attractive. Twice a year we set off on a trip to a town, which is culturally interesting because of its history, and we visit art exhibitions and events. We have already visited Vienna, Salzburg, Venice and Budapest, and exploring Slovenia is a nice experience as well.
    Within the syndicate, there is active also an organised group of blood donors called a Blood donors team Talum. Members of this group regularly donate blood at a transfusion department of the Ptuj’s hospital. The team’s leader is Marjetka Ledinek.

  • Works Council and Employees Council
    The employees in the group Talum have their rights regarding workers’ participation in management, interrelated informing, following business operations, development and directions in an individual company and in all companies. They realise their rights through appointed workers’ representatives:

    • Works Council of TALUM d.d. on the basis of Law on workers’ participation in management (the Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 42/93) and
    • Employees Council of the group Talum based on an Agreement among the Employees Council of TALUM d.d., SKEI (Syndicate of Metal and Electric Industry), The Syndicate Conference Kidričevo and all companies of the group Talum, made in the year 2011.