The TALUM Group is composed of companies that are engaged in the production and processing of primary aluminium and the production of various aluminium products and provide a wide range of services for the aluminium industry. Sustainable development of the TALUM Group is based on increasing the volume and complexity of products and services, improving productivity and efficiency, and ensuring the highest quality with an emphasis on safe and healthy work, environmental protection, efficient use of energy, protection of information and is compliant with the Strategy of the TALUM Group.


The basic policy principles that are regularly reviewed and updated are:

  • We commit ourselves to create a sustainable value for our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders and the communities in which we operate. We inform them about their activities and operating guidelines.
  • When satisfying our customers, we proceed from their demands and expectations. On this basis, a long-term partnership and cooperation is built.
  • Quality is the driving force of all our activities. We are committed to the operation of quality systems, environmental management, safety and health at work, energy management and information security and their continuous and systematic improvement.
  • Our development is built on knowledge and innovation, which also increase the business performance of our customers.
  • Our priority is to ensure an adequate number of employees with skills that will help achieve the set goals. A lot of effort and resources are invested in acquiring employees and in keeping them informed, educated and motivated. In this respect, human rights are respected and the international rules, the European and national labour legislation are adhered to. Through various activities, employees are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle and in this way we take care of their psycho-physical and social condition and commit ourselves to mutual discussion and cooperation with employees.
  • In our business operation, we implement business ethic and human rights, which we have written in the Ethical Code and Code of rules on corporative integrity.
  • An appropriate attitude in the broadest sense of the word is demonstrated towards our environment, safety and energy utilisation. We prevent and control the impacts of our activities, products and services on the working and wider environment, prevent major accidents and pollution and take appropriate action to reduce their potential consequences. We commit ourselves to fulfil legal and other requirements which we have agreed to observe.
  • Natural resources and energy are used rationally and efficiently. The emissions of substances into the air and water and noise are monitored, waste and chemicals are treated accordingly. In doing so, input materials that are less polluting or more energy efficient are used.