In the group Talum, at our work, we try to do our best to achieve and to realise the adequate attitude towards the use of energy and energy sources, and consequently to reduce effects on the environment.


The energy policy is a constituent part of business policy. The group Talum is energy effective, it introduces modern technological equipment and procedures, and it takes advantages of modern possibilities for increasing the effectiveness at energy consumption.

The energy policy of the group Talum represents fundamental commitment of the group in connection with its direction and energy effectiveness. It is formed and introduced by the Management Board of the company. The strategy of technologies development and introduction of new equipment always includes also requirements about the energy effectiveness.

We understand our mission and responsibility also as ensuring the compliance of our business operation with international and national commitments on rational and effective use of energy, on meticulous care regarding the attitude towards the energy management and on self-critical assessment of the achieved condition.

We endeavour to follow requirements of the standard ISO 50001:2011 (PDF)

The systems of energy management, which represent a part of the integrated management system of the group Talum, include at least the following activities:

  • forming and performing the energy policy,
  • fulfilling legal requirements in the field of energy,
  • recognising significant energy aspects,
  • regular monitoring and analysing the use of energy,
  • defining clear goals, programmes and sources for their achievement,
  • involving all employees and interested clients,
  • informing and making internal and external surroundings aware of the processes of energy management.