Health itself is foundation for a good, successful life and work not only for each individual but also for the organisation.

The promotion of health at the working place means systematic target activities and measures performed by an employer due to long-term keeping and strengthening physical and mental health condition of the employees.

In the group Talum we have been performing activities, which are connected with the promotion of health under the slogan ZDRAVO TALUM, already since the year 1998.

A formula for our journey towards our goal is:


Since the year 2012, the care for the employees’ health has been included in the strategy of the company.

The activities within our care for health, which are accompanied by the slogan ZDRAVO TALUM, are divided into more parts:

  • PREVENTIVE RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES (swimming, hiking, cycling, organised workout,…),
  • PREVENTIVE HEALTH ACTIVITIES (vaccination against tick-borne meningoencephalitis and flu, medical examinations, workshops of relaxing, organised meals,…),
  • PERMANENT EDUCATION AND INFORMING (regular column in the newspaper Aluminij, organised training and qualifications, posters, pamphlets, news,…).

In accordance with a concept of keeping the long-term good health condition of the employees, we ensure all our co-workers a possibility of various and wholesome meals since we provide a choice of several menus of warm and cold dishes.